Portfolio of work

Injeanious Media offers a complete portfolio of marketing communications services. Below are samples of our work.

University of South Carolina - Television commercial

Injeanious Media works with the University of South Carolina (USC) College of Education on many initiatives. In a recent effort to build the number of students enrolled to be science and math teachers, Injeanious Media created a comprehensive marketing campaign that included a 30 second commercial, which aired across the Midlands. The commercial featured real students from the College of Education speaking about why they chose to be teachers of science and math. Watch above!


SOPAKCo - Website development

Since 2010, Injeanious Media has delivered turn-key marketing communication services to SOPAKCO. Our most recent project involved a total revamp of both www.SOPAKCO.com and their www.SurePak-12.com websites.


South Carolina State Museum - Branding

Injeanious Media worked with the South Carolina State Museum on a branding effort for its many outreach programs. Injeanious Media created the name “Let’s Go L.E.A.R.N.” with the acronym standing for each of the five areas of outreach.

Center for Educational partnerships - 3-D video

Injeanious Media was approached by the Center for Educational Partnerships to create a short video to showcase the partnership's key messages. With a limited budget, Injeanious Media suggested a short video made with 3-D animation. The result was a dynamic piece that hit on all the key concepts the partnership wanted to cover. Watch above!


University of South Carolina - VIRAL VIDEO

Injeanious Media created a music video to promote careers as science and mathematics teachers for the University of South Carolina College of Education. The video received acclaim from the IABC Palmetto Awards for its creativity in digital media.

CC HomePage33015.jpg

Cherokee County SC - Website

Cherokee County hired Injeanious Media to rebrand its web presence with a new design, easy-to-use navigation, and turn-key implementation. The end result for Cherokee County was a customized site that communicated a professional presence for the county.


SOPAKCO - Trade Show Booth

Injeanious has helped SOPAKCO grow its commercial shelf-stable food business by marketing their services and capabilities to national and international clients. Each year, Injeanious Media works with SOPAKCO to communicate its capabilities to customers at the annual Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) trade show in Chicago, IL.


Meetze Plumbing - Commercial Concept & Script Writing

Injeanious Media provided Meetze Plumbing with a creative commercial storyboard and script writing for its most recent television commercial.


CENTA Medical Group - Rebranding

In 2017, CENTA Medical, an ear, nose, and throat practice in the Midlands, approached Injeanious Media about a logo update and tagline rebrading. Injeanious Media transformed CENTA’s look with a fresh, modern symbol and bold fonts to call attention to E.N.T. The new tagline directly communicates to audiences that CENTA’s physicians offer comprehensive E.N.T. care from trusted doctors.


SC Dept. of Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Services - Website

DAODAS is a South Carolina State agency that provides prevention, treatment and recovery-support services to address substance use disorders. The previous DAODAS website was extremely outdated and difficult to navigate. Injeanious Media created a user-friendly and visually dynamic website for DAODAS, which clearly outlines the different areas in which DAODAS focuses: Prevention; Treatment; and Recovery.

TBT Spread1 copy.jpg

DAODAS - The Blunt Truth Electronic Brochure

DAODAS requested an informational piece for its Blunt Truth campaign that speaks to teens and young adults about marijuana in South Carolina. Previously DAODAS had been using long PowerPoints. In evaluating the way teens learn today in the classroom, Injeanious Media recommended an interactive brochure to replace the lengthy and wordy PowerPoints.


AWAKE Center of Excellence - Brand & Website

The Awake Center stands for the Advancement of Workforce And Knowledge Economy, which is a South Carolina Center of Excellence.        Injeanious Media created the brand, messaging, and logo for the AWAKE Center. Using the tagline “Home Grown Success” speaks to how the Center is using students from rural SC communities to put knowledge and sustainable growth back into rural South Carolina. Injeanious Media also created the website www.awakecenter.org.

University of South Carolina College of Social Work - Copywriting

On a regular basis, Injeanious Media works with the USC College of Social Work for copywriting services. From website copy to complete training manuals to production scripts, Injeanious Media has written a variety of pieces for the Center for Child and Family Studies.


SC State Museum - Custom Photoshoots

Injeanious Media delivered a turn-key photoshoot for the South Carolina State Musuem in which we staged, lit, and shot more than 20 different custom images.