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Jean Triskett began Injeanious Media in 2010 after working within the advertising agency forum for many years. She earned her degree from the University of South Carolina College of Journalism and Mass Communications in Columbia. Jean's experience within advertising agencies and within professional businesses has helped her understand the in's and out's of today's ever-changing marketing world.

Injeanious Media has experience working with local, state, and even national clients. No project is too big or too small. We work with a range of industries with a strong focus in education, food, law, construction, and social work.

Injeanious Media's team of experienced designers, web developers, and videographers work together to achieve desired client results in a low-cost manner. Contact Jean to get your partnership with Injeanious Media started today! 

                        Jean Triskett                    President & Owner

                        Jean Triskett
                   President & Owner



Sfp - Injeanious Media proudly partners with SFP for all of our website and digital content strategies. SFP is a custom web development company based out of Indiana. With more than 500 websites in the books, SFP's team of more than 20 professionals shares a passion for great design, clean code, client satisfaction, and a culture that values big idea thinking. If you can dream it, they can build, whether it's a custom website, app, online store or interactive software. Learn more and check them out at SFP.net.





"All the STEM Teachers" Viral Video created for the University of South Carolina College of Education — International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Palmetto Award for Creative Digital Media Recognition 2015